WESEVA was created to promote the sport of Working Equitation in the US and specifically in the state of Virginia! A great sport fit for any horse/rider of any breed/age/experience or training! Learning the basics of dressage in order to perform specific movements for a purpose of working ~ whether you want to become more ‘in tune’ with your horse or would like to overcome your horse’s (or yours!) fear of water/ditches/bridges, gain flexibility and control or just enjoy a competitive sport with people that love horses that is less expensive and more supportive than many of the other disciplines offered at horse shows ~ we fell in love with this sport for these and many more reasons!

We are proud to be a part of USAWE and looking forward to helping our area grow in knowledge and appreciation of this organization and the sport! More info can be found on the website.


New to Working Equitation? Its a sport that is taking off here in the US and world wide! The sport originated in the Iberian Penisula (Spain and Portugal used to be combined and that general area is part of the Iberian Peninsula. Iberia

“WE” as it is referred to now, was used as a way to test the skills of working horses and riders. The sport combines four different phases: dressage, obstacles, speed, and cattle work.

4 Traditional Components of Working Equitation:
1. Dressage Trial – During this trial, the horse and rider must ride a pattern of movements prescribed by the dressage test for their level. The judge(s) score each movement on a scale of 0-10 and provide Collective Marks at the conclusion of the test for gaits, impulsion, submission, and rider and presentation. Each performance level has its own prescribed Dressage test.*
2. Ease of Handling (EOH) Trial – Also traditionally known as the Maneability Trial, this is a gymkhana-style event in which horse and rider must complete obstacles similar to those encountered “in the field,” such as crossing bridges, passing through gates, etc. Completion of each obstacle is judged on agility, submission, working attitude, and ease of movement & handling. The EOH trial is required at all performance levels: Introductory, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters.*
3. Speed Trial – This is a test of the horse & rider’s ability to navigate obstacles in a specified order as accurately and as quickly as possible. The Speed Trial is included at all performance levels except the Introductory level.*
4. Cattle Trial – This is an optional trial based on field and ranch work where a team of three or four riders work together as each rider has three (3) minutes to separate a designated cow from the herd and move it across the enclosure to a holding pen, with the fastest individual overall time placing highest. The Cattle Trial can be included at the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters performance levels.*

Working Equitation as a modern discipline or sport was established in Italy in the mid 1990’s with Spain, France and Portugal quickly embracing it culminating in the first European Championships in 1996. Read more about the sport’s history here.

Working Equitation has grown in popularity in recent years, with many countries now hosting their own national and international competitions. WESEVA is an officially recognized Affiliate Organization (AO) of the USAWE. USAWE is the official organization licensed by WAWE (World Association of Working Equitation), the international governing body of WE based in Portugal.

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Amie D. Perryman, USAWE “L candidate” (soon to be licensed) judge, Riding Master V Instructor, BS Equine Science & Owner of Selah Farms, LLC

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science from Salem-Teikyo University
  • Studied equine endocrinology (reproduction) at Ohio State University
  • Riding Master V – Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

Amie has owned and operated a riding and training facility for most of the first 20 years of her adult life. Riding and competing on the east coast and midwest areas of the USA in the sport of Combined Training and Dressage, Amie taught young and mature, beginner and more advanced students of all riding disciplines and persuasions to improve their communication skills, increase their balance and coordination and create a better team with their horses and ponies.

Amie brings the same passion for helping riders and owners achieve a higher degree of sensitivity and satisfaction with their partners into the sport of Working Equitation. Her time spent in Portugal intensely training with Joao Lynce has proven to fuel the fire and give her more tools to prepare for competing and training in the USA.